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BUY 1 get 1 FREE!!! Promo code "onefree" Happy shopping!

Babywearing Benefits

Stretchy baby wrap carriers are recognized by attachment parenting advocates, Midwives, Physiotherapists and Childcare Professionals for providing a safe, nourishing and desirable environment for your baby. Babywearing has many many benefits

Promotes bonding between baby and parents or other caregivers.
Babies feel safe and secure held close to your heart in a stretchy wrap.
Carried babies are calmer, happier and cry less.
Babies sleep easier and often longer when in a baby carrier.

Babies have a better view of the world around them, are more alert and calm and therefore experience and learn more when in a baby wrap carrier.
Babies naturally move against the wearer as they walk, move, turn and bend and this promotes muscle development and the development of their vestibular system for balance.
Enables babies to be carried as nature intended, in their natural fetal tuck position, with their knees bent in a stradle position, while providing proper support for baby's head, neck, hips, spine and legs.
Removes pressure from hips and back caused from laying babies flat on their backs.
Helps prevent babies getting flat spots on their skull from laying babies flat on their backs

Babywearing keeps baby close and happy while you get on with chores and other daily activities.
Stretchy wraps are great for all those places where prams are a hassle, like beach walks, busy markets, shopping aisles and steps.
Caters to babies need to be held, enclosed, rocked and comforted and great for keeping reflux babies upright.
Stretchy wrap carriers are ideal for discreet breastfeeding and enclosing a distracted breastfed baby. You can even breastfeed on the go with baby wrapped up while you walk!
Wrap carriers are great for shielding baby from the elements. The wide material can cover bub to protect them from the harsh sun or keep them bundled up for warmth and protected from the wind.
Stretchy wrap carriers are much more affordable than other baby carriers on the market.
Wraps can also be used as a makeshift blanket, cushion or change mat when you're out and about.