BUY 1 get 1 FREE!!! Promo code "onefree" Happy shopping!
BUY 1 get 1 FREE!!! Promo code "onefree" Happy shopping!


After spending all morning trying to settle my 12 day old Bub and get him down for a sleep, I thought I would finally try my carrier. I LOVE IT! The instructions included allowed me to get it on relatively quickly (for a first time user) and as soon as Bub went in he settled and fell fast asleep! I will also add that dealing with your company was a dream! Product was received quickly once purchased.
- Carla Ruddle, Brisbane QLD

I won one of these wraps in a competition from this page and oh gosh it's amazing. Highly recommend and my bub loves it a lot more than the ergo or sling. Worth the money
- Jessica Scott, WA

I ordered my wrap on Sunday and received it today talk about FAST. Looking forward to using it in April...what a fantastic service A+ from me
- Vikki Newton, Willowbank QLD

You must get yourself a Peek-a-Baby wrap, if nothing else.
- Kath, Midwife,
 Gold Coast

The MOST negative thing is that I've had to part with the wrap to wash it! (for only a couple of hours, I chucked it in the drier, I couldn't wait to have it back!).  My little guy (9wks) has been having about 3 naps a day in his peek-a-baby, and often hangs out in there when he's awake as well.  I usually leave it on during the day once I put it on so that I can pop him in and out whenever.  If he's grizzling and needs his morning nap he's started to stop when he sees that I'm putting it on, I wonder if he's too small to do that, but it's happened about a dozen times now so I'm fairly confident he's happy that he's about to get wrap time.  You're welcome to put my feedback on your website if you like.
- Kim

Thank you so much for the lovely wraps! Our twin boys loved being worn around. No matter how upset or unsettled they were, they would fall asleep after 5 minutes of being warn around!! The only improvement I would suggest is having a carry bag, just a little sack with a draw string, to keep it all neat if you you're not using it. :) Besides that I have to say it's one of the best things we bought for our boys.

I got my wrap 6 months ago and i have a 4month old now and i use it almost every day i think it is safe to say i love my wrap and so does my baby girl its easy to put on. easy to put baby in and out of it. easy to brestfeed baby in it. i have also told other people that have asked me about my wrap and here has been alot of people were they can get it and that it is a great gift for anyone that they know is going to have a baby. 
- Shirley

I love my wrap and use it a lot, my wee boy sleeps soundly in it and has done since I brought it when he was 3 weeks old, we still use it now hes 3 months, and I'm sure we'll contiue to for a many more months.The light grey colour is great and goes with everything. Thanks so much
- Megan, Ashburton

I brought this for my sister - she just had her third baby boy and text me saying she doesnt know how she got by with out one! I know what I will be getting everyone for baby shower's from now on! Thanks!
- Jess

Wow! This wrap is just amazing! Easy to work out and get on and get bubs in, My Little girl just loves it. Tried a few others ones but this is just perfect!! Thanks so much. Happy to trade again. ;)

My Peek-a-Baby Wrap has been amazing, after trying a few different carriers, this is the one for me – it’s nice and cool to wear even on a hot day, neither myself nor my baby overheated – and it’s so comfortable!  It took a couple of go’s to do it up, but I expected that and it wasn’t long before I was whipping it on in a few seconds flat.  My daughter is now 7 months old and we’re still using it because with two littlies it makes life that bit easier.  It was also awesome when we were camping, for easy settling in the evenings & general portability.  On top of that, it looks great on and it’s super easy to wash and dry.  I’m certainly well pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone – in fact I already have - to everyone who has seen me in it, and there were many people fascinated by it!  I think it would make a great gift for an expectant mum. Thanks
- Kim, Whangarei 

I've got one of these AWSOME... I have 2 front packs (kapoochi and babygear brand) and since my friend buy me this I have never used the others.  posted by:  moooooz1 

Awesome wrap...I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the quick trade and posting, he is in it and loving it and I am loving the peace :) Would defintly recommend product :) Trademe feedback 

Hi , we have had great use out of the wrap it was excellent for settling  our baby he was a bit unsettled with Colic. Now we use it during the day for going on walks and doing stuff around the house.Kind regards
Cris, Te Atatu Peninsula

Ijust love my wrap and so does my unsettled little man. it seems to be the only way to get him to sleep. i take it to playcentre with me so i can have free hands with my two year old girl. its turly a life saver at times and doesnt put pain in my back. thank you for your amazing creation.
- Jay, Taranaki

I absolutely love my Peek-a-Baby Wrap. Use it all the time. Shopping, Cooking, on the Golf Course while we watch Dad. I love it because my little man (or not so little as the case is now) doesn't hurt my shoulders or arms and my back isn't under any strain. Wouldn't be without it now.
- Braydee

I loved it,my baby girl last about 45min in it for now and then she is getting a bit stroppy but she will get better. I tried it first time at the airport, “great time to be trying new things” my husband said. But it was just so easy and such a natural way of carrying a baby. He did change his tune real quick, he even calls it by its’s proper name “wrap” instead of that “oh my god thing” Hahaha, thanks heaps and will put some good feedback on TM. -
- Yvonne

Awesome!! thank you soo much!! Better than expected and well worth the money. – Michelle, Trademe feedback

An AWESOME wrap!! Love it! SO comfortable - more so than other front packs (bonus that its stylish) just what I was looking for. I'll definitely recommend this to other mums. Thanks a bunch! :)
– Flowersun, trademe feedback

Just thought I'd let you know I tried the wrap with Olivia yesterday. Its awesome!! Shes been sick with a cold and a tummy bug and has been super clingy and all she wants to do is be in my arms. When I put her in it she fell straight to sleep. I couldn't believe it. So nice to have my hands free to do stuff.
- Jo, Whangarei

I found it good for breast-feeding in café’s, the wide soft fabric would comfort his head and hide my breast”
- Julie, Mt Eden

This is an awesome product and at half the price of the moby wraps. Trader was friendly and posted the item very fast as I needed it urgently. Brilliant. Wouldnt live without it now. Thanks.
- kuz3 Trademe Feedback

I always took it to family gatherings to put him in so he wouldn’t get passed around from person to person.  We would all go home relaxed this way, not having an over-stimulated baby to deal with”.
- Catherine, Tauranga

Having had four kids, we’ve tried several front packs.  The Peek-a-Baby wrap truly does evenly spread the weight over my shoulders and back, unlike some of the others I’ve tried.  I wish knew about Peek-a-Baby with my first baby!
- Samara

I love the way it just fits in my nappy-bag so I always have it on-hand.
- Marea, Raglan

I put it on before I head out anywhere in the car so it’s ready to just pop him straight from his car seat into it.  It’s so much easier around the shops than a pram.
- Sarah Midwife, Whangarei

She is normally unsettled in the afternoons and the Peeks-a-Baby wraps are great, I can put her in and she happily has sleep/wake time while I get on with the other kids and dinner.
- Natalie, Whitianga