Hug your baby, hands free!

Thank you for visiting our website for Peek-a-Baby Stretchy Wraps. To introduce myself, my name is Kate – Mum of two crazy young boys living on the Gold Coast and lover of the simple things. Family.... so wonderful! But man these young ones can make life hectic. Never fear, we are here to help make life that little bit simpler with a newborn baby. Babywearing is one of the greatest things I discovered in my new "parenting life". When baby is in a baby carrier, like our stretchy baby wraps, it keeps baby close and happy and I could still achieve things at the same time, get out of the house with minimal fuss and get on with my day. I was lucky enough to have been given a Peek-a-Baby stretchy wrap from my sister-in-law, Sarah. It was a breeze to use, so soft and snug and both of my boys loved being carried in it. Sarah started making Peek-a-Baby wraps in 2010 in New Zealand whilst on maternity leave from being a Midwife. She crafted the right design and sewed her heart into every wrap until she simply couldn't keep up with demand and decided it was time to outsource the sewing. It wasn't until mid 2016, when my second born was about 6 months old, that I was looking into other Babywearing options and was disappointed to find that most of the wraps on the market in Australia were either not available in colours that appealed to me, were poor quality or the other end of the scale which were above my budget. So we decided to bring Peek-a-Baby into the Australian market - we wanted to offer a great quality stretchy wrap, made of simply 100% cotton, in appealing natural colours at a price point that would not break the bank for other families on a budget. We hope you enjoy looking over our website and if you have any questions, just send us a message! Also check out our facebook and instagram for more news, pics and info. Thanks again and happy babywearing!

A little bit about Stretchy Wraps....
The Wrap Carrier is one of the few traditional design baby carriers that has survived through generations without much alteration to it’s basic principle. Simple as it is, it provides many advantages that far outshine many modern baby carriers on the market today. With the benefits of keeping baby happy, developmental benefits and the convenience of use, it's not hard to see why parents still love to use this traditional style baby wrap carrier.
The minimalist design makes our wraps a compact and easy babywearing tool to pop in your handbag and take with you anywhere. It is simple to learn how to use and is a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so regardless of wearer or baby size, it will still fit you both snugly, making it the perfect solution for newborns, premmies or toddlers and parents of all shapes and sizes.
The comfortable ergonomic design centers around wrapping the stretchy material around the wearer and the baby and proper use of the wrap ensures that the baby fits snug against your body. By bringing the center of gravity of the baby and wearer close together and having the fabric spread wide across a large area of the wearer and baby's bodies, means weight is evenly distributed over the wearer resulting in minimal stress on the wearers back and at the same time essential support is provided for baby’s delicate spine and neck.